About GTO Business

Developing the Tourist Attractions in Gyeonggi-do

Tourist Attractions in Gyeonggi-do
  • History and Cultural Tour Belt

(Suwon Hwaseong Fortress – Yongin Korean Folk Village – Everland) Emboldening accommodation around the main tourist spots

– Han-ok (Korean Tradtional Residential Style) : near Suwon Hwaseong Fortress-Yongin Korean Folk Village

– Resort : Everland

– Business Type : Gwangyo New Town / Pangyo New Town

  • Jebu Island- Airpark Belt and Tour Program
  • Imjingak-DMZ peace and eco tour zone
  • Gyeonggi-do & Gangwon-do cooperative tour attractions

– History + Winter Sports + Resort (Yeoju, Icheon, Wonju)

– Jara Island + Nami Island tour program

– Water Sports + Lakeside tour program

Developing Gyeonggi-do tour packages

  • Special and brand-new items

– The Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, DMZ

  • Mega Events

– Gyeonggi Ansan Airshow

– Gyeonggi International Travel Mart

  • Co-op with other organizations in the field

– Korean Railroads, municipal organizations, and the tour-related firms in the regions

– Northern Gyeonggi-do (Peace and Eco) tour agencies

  • Consulting local festival tour packages
  • Educational tourism
  • Medical tourism

Developing Gyeonggi-do tour packages

  • Tour products attracting overseas tourists
  • Japan, China/South East Asia Region, Russia/ Europe and Americas
  • Arranging Fam tours(familiarization tours)
  • Supporting media press tours and filming
  • International Sales Calls and Presentation
  • Participating in international tour expos
  • Exchange programs with international and local schools
  • Cooperation with the domestic airliners
  • Supporting tours of multicultural families

Organizing Mega Events

  • Gyeonggi Ansan Airshow
  • Gyeonggi Leports Festival
  • Gyeonggi Peace Marathon
  • MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition)
  • Gyeonggi International Travel Mart

Promoting DMZ Eco Projects

  • Eco-Tourism education
  • DMZ Forums
  • Eco-Tourism programs

Managing Imjingak tourist sites

  • Donation program management
  • DMZ Bike Tour
  • Pyeonhwanuri and the adjacent attractions
  • Managing stores
  • Paju Folk Festival
  • Imjingak Children’s Day Festival

Promoting Gyeonggi Tourism

  • Oraganizing Gyeonggi-do Tourism Booth
  • IMC promotion and strategy management
  • Customer Service Education
  • Commercializing tourist souvenirs

Managing Online marketing services

  • Operating portal sites (www.ggtour.or.kr)
  • Providing mobile tour guides
  • Managing database for traveling in Gyeonggi-do