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    441-25, Witbaeuni-gil Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Experience hall: Make your own personal wine souvenir
  • Here, visitors can explore the manufacturing process of “Meoru de seo” and join the “make your own wine” activity (KRW 17,000 including the winery tour). The process is easily explained with photos and brief descriptions, from harvesting wild grapes to bottling them. The “make your own wine” activity is a program that bottles pre-manufactured wine into unique bottles. First, participants should put their wine into bottles, taking care not to make bubbles.

    Then, close the bottle with a disinfected cork and use a presser to seal it. After that, bring the sealed bottle to a staff member who will cover the bottle opening with a film and contract it with a heater. Lastly, print a label with the selected photo and attach it to the bottle. The job is so easy that even children can do it.

  • The wine used for the program is Sweet Wine, which is manufactured and sold here. Sanmeoru Farm matures wine in three containers: jars, oak barrels, and tanks. Traditional Korean jars or onggis have been used to make Korea’s traditional wine and are suitable for producing subtler, sweeter wine. The Sweet Wines sold here are all matured in onggis. With the right density and sweetness, the wine is relatively easy on wine beginners.