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    441-25, Witbaeuni-gil Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Sanmeoru vine tunnel: A fantastic tunnel created by nature
  • On the way from the wine cellar to the Sanmeoru Farm Promotion Hall is a tunnel made of vines that grow on an arch frame. Wild grapes are planted not just on the way to the cellar but at the entrance to the farm, the outdoor restroom, and the campsite.

    Without being artificially groomed or sprayed with pesticide, the grapes are next to “wild.” Deemed a gift of nature, the grapes are not harvested intentionally to leave them for the pigeon.

  • Moreover, this is one of the best photo spots made by nature. On a clear day, the sunlight shines through the grape leaves forming the green tunnel, creating fantastic scenery. Furthermore, unlike other grapes that mature together as a cluster, wild grapes mature separately.

    In August and September when wild grapes mature in earnest, the green and purple colors gathered together look picturesque. Be sure to capture the image with your camera.