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    441-25, Witbaeuni-gil Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Promotion Hall: Where visitors can taste 10-year-old wine
  • Meoru de seo, the wine manufactured by Sanmaru Farm, and other products made from wild grapes can be tasted and purchased here. As the oldest winery in S. Korea that manufactures wild grape wines, Sanmeoru Farm is the only place where over 10-year-old wine is available.

  • Dry wine, sweet wine, Gamaksan wild grape wine, and grape wine extract are on display, but “Meoru de seo” dry wine is the most popular, made of the juice taken from only high-quality wild grapes and matured for a total of ten years (one year in oak barrels, nine years in the wine cellar tunnel) without using any additives. The sweetness, refreshing scent, and deep flavor native to wild grapes are impressive. The unique charm not found in grape wine makes it a great gift as well. Meoru de seo goes well with any dishes but more particularly with greasy meat dishes. Wild grape extract, which can be added to other alcohol or beverages, is also favored by many.