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    Heyri Artvalley, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Hanhyanglim Onggi Museum: In search of vestiges of old bowls
  • The museum displays a collection of onggis that couple Chairman Yi and Director Han has accumulated since 1987 and modern ceramics from home and abroad.

    The onggi or Korea’s traditional sauce container has now given way to plastic or stainless steel ones due to the cumbersomeness and the demanding production method. Nonetheless, the pottery is being recognized for its artistic value and outstanding storage capability, and the museum is attracting more visitors, too.

  • The first floor of the museum hosts permanent exhibitions of Korea’s varying onggis by region, ranging from onggi accessories to large jars, whereas the second floor features special exhibitions.

    Moreover, the museum building itself is a work of architectural art. Inspired by mountains, the construction offers the highest views in town. The structure in the shape of unfolded stairs was designed as if it is dependent on and buried by the mountain instead of distorting it. The side of the building, which leads to the second floor, is raised like a mountain. The entire building is also exposed to sunlight as onggis look most natural under natural light.

    The purchasable accessories are displayed on the right side of the first floor. English leaflets on the history of the museum are available.