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    Heyri Artvalley, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Museum of Musical Instruments of the World: Explore a wide variety of instruments
  • The museum features about 2,000 musical instruments from some 110 countries. Visitors are allowed to touch or play most of the instruments.

    The folk music devices reflect the culture and history of nations in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and other regions. Made of natural materials such as animal bones, leather, or wood, they gracefully produce the sound of nature like chirping birds, howling wind, or falling rain.

    Among them is the didgeriddo from Australia. The huge 2-meter (6.5-ft) long instrument looks somewhat like a large pipe. The African balafon with bottle gourds reminds one of the marimba, and differently sized djembes used to add excitement to African events are showcased as well.

  • One of the traditional Korean instruments, “wooden fish,” is displayed on the left side of the hall. The unique-sounding, carp-shaped hollow tool was mainly used in Buddhist temples, encouraging beholders to dedicate themselves to understanding just like the fish that always keep their eyes open.

    On the other hand, hands-on programs are offered on the first floor. There are new programs each day, ranging from lectures about the history of the instruments to instrument-making activities and video & commentary sessions.