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    234, Art valley-ro Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Astronomical Science Center: Commune with the sky
  • The center consists of exhibition halls on the first and second floors, a planetarium on the third floor, and a celestial bodies observation hall on the rooftop. The Free Exhibition Hall features the earth's structure, the solar system’s constellation and others. The spaceman model standing on the first floor at the entrance to the first floor is the center’s iconic photo spot.

    Special tour points of the center include the digital guestbook program that allows visitors to take photos and send it as an email to themselves, the constellation zone where the s of stars tell the directions of the sky, and the infrared camera that shows the high-temperature spots in red and low-temperature ones in blue.

  • The planetarium (third floor) and the celestial bodies observation hall (rooftop) are open to reservations only. Reservations are made on the first floor for the hourly program that includes a 20-minute video watching on constellations, followed by a 30-minute long observation on the rooftop. When the queue is long, sign up first and look around the lake while waiting. During the video, chairs move and winds blow in tune with the images of constellations that change based on different seasons for audiences to feel as if they are on a space trip, but photography is not allowed.