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    234, Art valley-ro Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Sky Garden of Hope: Dreams come true at the top of the faintish stone steps
  • Located about 10 minutes away from the Astronomical Science Center, Sky Park is a beautiful place with notes of wishes hanging on Sotdae. The staircase seems rather long, but the effort is worth it with the scenic views of Cheonjuho Lake on the left and of the cliffs and the entire Art Valley on the right.

    Matching the name Sky Garden of Hope, the top of the garden is filled with notes of wishes left by visitors yearning for eternal love, health of their family, and many others.

  • From the garden, there are two ways to proceed: the steps directly leading to Lake Performance Hall, and a roundabout way toward Sculpture Park. The steps offer a closer look at granites with beautiful patterns, but the steep and narrow path is not suitable for the fragile or those with fear of heights. Under the spiral-shaped 20m (66 ft)-long stairway are scenic rocks surrounding Cheonjuho Lake and Lake Performance Hall.