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Arts & Cultur Letterpress Museum in Paju


Appreciate the Existence of Our Letters! Letterpress Museum in Paju
Letterpress Museum in Paju

Korea is famous for the invention of the world’s first typography, and one of its cities is the home of the Letterpress Museum. The museum located in Paju exhibits metal types brought from the Jeilhwaljja Factory, Korea’s last metal-type manufacturer. At present, it has become the Forest of Metal Types, as it holds the world’s largest amount of types (22 thousand kinds of 35 million types, which weigh 25 t).
Letterpress Museum exhibits various-type models, including Gutenberg’s metal type, and different types of printing machines from each period. Boseongsa, the printing house that was burnt down by Japanese colonialists because of the printing of the Proclamation of Korean Independence, has been featured in the museum. In addition, visitors can learn print-related knowledge, information about paper manufacturing, typefounding, typography, etc., and experience various programs such as the making of hanji (traditional Korean paper), type-picking cooper plates, type printing, and making a book using traditional Korean binding. The particular experience program that greatly appeals to several tourists is when they print a bookmark by themselves using numerous types for their names