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Scenic Beauty “Dangseong,” the global gateway to the era of the Three Kingdoms


the global gateway to the era of the Three Kingdoms “Dangseong,”
“Dangseong,” the global gateway to the era of the Three Kingdoms

Dangseong is located on the road from Jeongok Port on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula, famous as an exotic yacht marina, to the mainland. Although it is a fortress built on a shallow mountain with a height of 158 m, it was a critical terrain that Baekje, Goguryeo, and Silla fought for because it was a place overlooking the surrounding sea. It was the territory of Baekje at first, but when Goguryeo took control of this territory, it was given the name “Gangseong-gun,” and then Silla occupied it and exchanged it with the Tang dynasty, which became the basis for the actual unification of the three kingdoms. It was called “Dangeun-gun” as a transportation route connected to mainland China, and Dangseongjin was installed in the late Unified Silla period, which was the two major bases of the Silla navy along with Cheonghaejin. Dangseong consists of the “primary fortress” that surrounds the summit and the “secondary fortress” that surrounds the valley. From the parking lot, after a short climb past the memorial stone, you will find the restored fortress along the ridge on the left. If you go up along the fortress wall from here, there is a good course that goes through the second fortress and Seomunji to the summit ofManghaeru Pavilion Site. AtManghaeru Pavilion Site , you can see a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. To the west, beyond Tando Port and Nue Island, you can see the sea at a distance, and to the north, you can clearly see the new city of Songdo, Incheon. You can feel the fullness of the autumn atmosphere on the way down from the top to the parking lot through the north gate and the well. Because the uphill section is relatively short, it is suitable for a family walk. If you visit the recently opened Dangseong Visitor Center, you will find detailed information about Dangseong.

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