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Arts & Cultur “Sujongsa Temple” in Namyangju, in the Moonlight of a Quiet Autumn Mountain Temple


in Namyangju, in the Moonlight of a Quiet Autumn Mountain Temple “Sujongsa Temple”
Sujongsa Temple

Located on the banks of the Bukhangang River, Sujongsa Temple in Ungilsan Mountain is famous for watching the sunrise. But it’s also a good place to enjoy the moonlight. Watching the moon in the mountains can heal the body and mind with nature, where you can also feel relaxed by the autumn season. Seo Geojeong, a civil official in the early Joseon Dynasty, praised Sujongsa Temple as a place with the best view among the Eastern temples and the view as a very spectacular scenery. You can particularly feel the mountain’s special charm in the moonlit night. The appearance of the bell tower under the light of the full moon makes for a quiet and still atmosphere. In addition, the moonlight on the Dumulmeori waterway, where the Namhangamg and Bukhangana rivers merge, creates a mysterious ambiance that compliments the appearance of the antique mountain temple. The whole family can gather in one place and make a wish. If you look at the moon with a generous heart in the mountains full of the autumn scenery, the moment is so peaceful.

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    186, Bukhangang-ro 433beon-gil, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
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    Take the regular Bus No. 167 at Guri Traditional Market
  • * Walking takes about 45 minutes, and if you are hiking at night, bring a flashlight.