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    #90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si

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    82-31-286- 2111~5

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Folk Village
The traditional houses of commoner and noblemen are reproduced in south, middle and north regions in the Village. You can see the government office, the administrative institution in old region, Seowon (higher school) and Seodang (school for kids), herb medicine store, the medical institution, temple and Seonangdang(the shrine of ethnic religion), a fortune telling hourse. In the Folk Village, you are assisted to experience everything related to exhibited houses, ethnic religion, customs of New Year, folk game, etc. In the folk marketplace lie 11 diners including Gaekju house, Muk house, Rice Cake house, Rice Soup house, which serve some 30 kinds of Korean traditional foods like rice soup, bibimbap, knife-cut noodle, cold noodle, injeolmi, sundae and dongdongju.


Exhibition Village

There are special exhibition halls that hold special exhibition in each time; sculpture park, wild flower park, traditional folk hall, world folk hall, museum, art gallery, image hall of historic drama, etc. Seasonal flowers such as camellia, peony, violet, azalea bloom in the wild flower park. The sculpture park is also spectacle that shows the sculpture made by 16 sculptors from 9 nations. Some three thousands of cultural heritages collected in 5 oceans & 6 continents are exhibited in 8 rooms of world folk hall. The image hall of historic drama tells the history and culture of historic drama that have been produced in Korean Folk Village for 30 years.


Recreation Village

The amusement hill in the Village is its incidental facilities composed of diverse amenities such as Viking, bumper car, merry-go-round, 3D movie hall, etc. built on the site of some 10 ha. 13 kinds of amusing equipment currently served especially make children happy. Everybody can enjoy snow sleigh field in 2 courses, one for adults in width of 30m and length of 140m and the other for children in width of 25m and length of 80m. The goblin house is vividly designed with special moving models and horrifying sound so that children can meet goblins of which they are afraid. For accommodation and conference there are youth hostel and convention center built in the amusement village.