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Song Jeoung Bun Foods Icheon

Visiting Songjeoungbun Food, the foreign tourists try to make kimchi in the kimchi factory and purchase ‘Back Yard Kimchi’, the own brand of the company. Further, they can enjoy diverse cultural experiences in the Traditional Culture Experiencing Hall covered with thatched roof, that is, traditional costume, wedding ceremony in the Korean traditional style, bride’s presents to her parents-in-law, Pungmulnori, Gungjungnori, etc. The tourists leisurely enjoy exciting Pungmulnori together on the playground of the company. The fruit experiencing program with strawberry, melon, etc. is popular these days.
#182-9, Songjeong-dong, Icheon
TEL 82-31-635-4482,3
* Reservations can be made by phone.
Admission Making Kimchi ₩10,000 Making Ddeok ₩5,000

Kimchi School Goyang

Kimchi School is the publicity hall. Visitors are informed on kimchi, the representative food of Korea, personally try to make kimchi and experience the cultures of Korea like having on Korean traditional clothes and taking commemorative photo in the elegant set in Korean style.
#12-1, Deogeun-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang
TEL 82-31-308-9688

Pungmi Foods Suwon

Pungmi Foods has maintained its reputation with its clean, sanitary facilities and high quality food materials. Visit the Traditional Food Culture Center, and you can learn about Korean traditional foods such as Jang, Ddeok, Hangwa, Dubu and Yeot as well as kimchi. After touring the Kimchi production facilities, you can experience making baechu(cabbage) kimchi.
#356-10, Omokcheon-dong, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon
HOURS Prior discussion, 1-hour tour
TEL 82-31-296-8168
* Reservations can be made through the internet.
Tour Program
Company Introduction: Watching video about Pungmi Foods
Traditional Food Culture Center Tour: Understanding Korean traditional foods such as kimchi and Hangwa
Kimchi Production Plant Tour: Touring state-of-the-art kimchi production facility and sanitary system
Participation in Kimchi Production: Making pogi kimchi or baechu kimchi
Tour ₩5,000
Tour + ‘Making Kimchi’ ₩10,000
Tour + ‘Making Kimchi and Ddeok’ ₩15,000
Tour + ‘Making Kimchi, Ddeok and Dubu ₩20,000

Wild Grape Village (Sanmeoru) Paju

Since 1979, sanmeoru, or wild grape, has been grown in the Sanmeoru Farm. The Farm provides you with various hands-on experiences. Its winery tour gives you a chance to look around a tunnel of wine cellar containing oak barrels. You may try to make sanmeoru wine by yourself and experience to store wine in a bottle within the purified cellar.
In addition, you can experience to make wine jam, sanmeoru chopped noodles and sanmeoru bibimbap.
#67-1, Gaekhyeon-ri, Jeokseong-myeon, Paju
FEE Winery Tour (₩3,000), Oak Barrel Fermentation, Wine Sampling, Wine, soap and Jam making.
TEL 82-31-958-4558