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    #778-1, Yongcheon-ri, Baegam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si

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Division Adult Teen Child
Individual ₩7,000 ₩6,000 ₩5,000
Group (20 or more people) ₩5,000 ₩4,000 ₩3,000

* MBC Dramia is recently highlighted as a substitute tour site because Dae Jang Guem theme park has shut down. Furthermore, it is possible to make a linked tour since Everland is near.


Exhibit hall information and affiches for drama scenes and pictures; three dimensional figures of drama characters; Hallyu drama shot exhibition, Experience center: royal costumes; Korean archery; Tugo game; stick heating. Image center Famous scene DVD show (5 minutes)

Road map Guide of the Royal Palace
The royal palace is a sort of resting / experiencing space. It is composed as a place where tourists wear drama costumes to be taken pictures or make their own video clip with the set as a background.


Hands-on Corner Inside the Royal Palace
Royal costume experience, Live photo zone, Traditional herb tea house, Mini studio, Souvenir shop, Market street (experiencing space of traditional games such as Nulttuigi, Tuho, etc.), Yeonmu-jang hall.