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Ham Byeong-Hyeon Kimchimaliguksu


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    175, Naechon-ro, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Fermented Kimchi liquid made with a variety of condiments are mixed with ox bone broth, fore shank broth and rump broth. Eighteen different ingredients including minced tofu, cucumber, pear, boiled pork, pine nut, Dongchimi (watery radish Kimchi), chili pepper and eggs are mixed together to make Kimchimari Guksu (noodle with Kimchi). With the harmony of sweet and sour flavors and the savory, simple taste of the broth, the restaurant is always packed with visitors from all over the country. Price Information (Won) Kimchi Mari Guksu: 6,000 Sogogi Kimchi Gukbap: 6,000 Nokdu Jeon: 7,000