The best festivals in autumn Ⅱ


#1. Icheon Rice Cultural Festival (Oct. 18-22)

Icheon has been famous for its rice which was offered to the king for royal meals in olden times. Following its reputation, the flavor of the rice is excellent. Icheon rice has a rich, nutty taste as it grows under good growing conditions such as the use of mineral-rich underground water, abundant sunlight during its fruiting season, a big temperature difference between day and night, and coarse-textured soil made of an appropriate mixture of clay and sand that can absorb nutrients more effectively.

Using this delicious Icheon rice as a theme, Icheon city holds the “Icheon Rice Cultural Festival.” Visitors can taste bibimbap made of freshly-cooked rice and vegetables and colorful rice cake as much as they like. Each courtyard holds various events such as traditional experience-oriented plays, so visitors can enjoy the festival according to their preference this autumn.

The foreign tourists are enjoying the tug of war game pulling the rope as much as they can.

Program (Permanent):
4-H theme exhibition, Wildflower exhibition, Blacksmith's workshop, Korean traditional malt candy / turtle making, Turtle photo zone, Folk clothes experience, Turtle Inn, Wood carving/knotting/caligraphy, Samul nori (Korean traditional percussion quartet) learning, Spinning dish learning, Folk song learning

Avenue:  Icheon Seolbong Park

Address: 418-2, Gwango-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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#2. Suwon Information & Science Festival (Oct. 20-21)

Gyeonggi-do province is the home of the “2017 Suwon Information & Science Festival” which is held by Suwon City for 2 days from October 20 to 21 at the Suwon Gymnasium and Suwon Sports Complex, as a site for the 4th industrial innovation experience.


This year’s festival will offer various experience-oriented programs in six categories such as nationwide intelligent robot contest, drone production creativity competition, ICT (information technology and telecommunication technology), idea competition, capstone design fair (creative comprehensive design work by engineers), Suwon IT contest, student science festival courtyard, and citizen-participatory program.

Two participants that one look like a middle school student, and another one is a kid, are enjoying some sport game.

ICT idea contest and capstone design fair, Drone production creativity competition (elementary, middle/high school, adult), Nationwide intelligent robot contest (6 categories, 20 teams recruited for each category), Suwon IT contest (2 categories (General category, silver category), OA ability, graphics), Suwon student science festival courtyard, Citizen-participatory program (the most advanced ICT·IOT experience zone, robot experience zone, drone  experience zone, safety & weather experience zone, game zone)

Avenue: Suwon Sports Complex

Address: 893, Gyeongsu-daero, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

#3. Gwangmyeong Cave Wine Festival (Oct. 20-22)

The “2017 Gwangmyeong Cave Korean Wine Festival” will be held from October 20 to 22 at Gwangmyeong Cave under the theme of “Korean wine, marriage of Korean food by using regional specialty produce.”
This festival will offer an opening event, “Seminar on Korean wine development measure,” “Cooking demonstration of mariage of Korean wine and regional specialty produce,” “Korean wine producer meeting,” “Korean wine label contest,” “Korean wine Gwangmyeong Maru(Top) Contest,” and “Korean wine best selection.” During the opening ceremony, the festival will introduce Korean maruju wine making, congratulatory performance, demonstration of mariage of Korean wine and food along with a tour of cave, and tasting.

Two foreign tourists are doing selfie holding a glass of wine.

Korean wine, local specialty produce sale, Chef’s Mariage cooking demonstration, tasting, wine talk concert, Seminar on the development of Korean wine, wine label exhibition, contest, wine judging contest, Cave feast

Avenue: The Gwangmyeong Cave square

Address: 142, Gahak-ro 85beon-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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#4. Uijeongbu Budaejjigae Festival (Oct. 21-22)

Uijeongbu is famous for its Budaejjigae (Kimchi and Hot Dog Stew) Street. Various programs such as a cooking competition and tasting event are held along the Budaejjigae Street in front of Uijeongbu Jung-ang Station.

a big pot of Uijeongbu Budaejjigae

Program: Hundred-year-old city Uijeongbu healthy cooking contest, Budaejjigae performance (300-people tasting event), healthy Korean food life, Children doll play, Sales and production-experience center of superior food production businesses in Uijeongbu, Stage & street performance


#5. Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Festival (Oct. 21-22)

The Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Festival, which is held in Paju city every autumn, celebrates its 13th anniversary this year. This year, it is to be held in the vicinity of the Imjingak Plaza in Paju. Visitors can purchase 6-year old ginseng which follows the tradition of Gaeseong ginseng, as well as other local specialty produce, and can enjoy various exhibitions and experience-oriented events. As the festival is held at the Imjingak Plaza, visitors can tour nearby famous tourist attractions in Northern Gyeonggi area such as Pyeonghwa Nuri Park and Imjingak Observatory.

A huge ginseng sculpture is set in the right middle of the festival.

Program: Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Store, Paju Specialty Produce Store, Processed Food Store, Operation of ginseng street and local food restaurants, Color silkworm ginseng doll making , Ginseng footbath, Ginseng eel catching, Ginseng harvest experience event, Cheer leader performance, Tightrope walking, various cultural performances such as closing ceremony

Avenue: Imjingak Pavilion square

Address: 177, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here (Korean only)

#6. Unaksan Autumn Foliage Festival (Oct. 22)

Unaksan Autumn Foliage Festival is a representative festival of Gyeonggi-do Province for visitors to enjoy autumn scenery in October. Unaksan has several enchanting rocks and beautiful autumn foliage, so it is a popular place among hikers. Several historical places along the hiking path such as Gung Ye Castle Site and Mangyeongdae Overlook will provide a unique hiking experience as well.

What a colorful mountain rich of autumn flavor and the harmony with a small valley is gorgeous.

Program: Various performances, competitions, exhibitions, and food events

Address: Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

#7. Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival (Oct. 27-29)

“Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival” will be held in the vicinity of Silleuksa Tourist Area in Yeoju. The festival has been held under different names such as “Masterpiece Product Festival” and “Yeoju Rice Sweet Potato Festival” over the past several years, but from 2013, it has been held as a comprehensive festival which presents all local agricultural and special produce of Yeoju such as rice, sweet potato, peanut and fruits.

As the name “Ogok Naru Festival” implies, the festival will re-enact ogok (meaning five grains and other specialty produce produced in Yeoju) and the scenic view of Yeoju’s old ferry.

Korean traditional music performance is on the festival beating the big drums.

Quay - Korean traditional culture Namhangang Festival

Naru Courtyard - Courtyard Play, Magic Performance

Narukke - A restful place surrounded by beautiful riverside scenery

Animal Farm - Animal-experience space

Ogok Market - Sells agricultural produce

Folk Courtyard- Traditional folk play experience program

Banquet courtyard - Various restaurant street

Sweet Potato Field -Sweet potato harvest and roasting

Avenue: Silleuksa Riverside Tourist Site

Address: 7, Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here (Korean only)

#8. Soyo Autumn Foliage Cultural Festival (Oct. 28)

Soyo Autumn Foliage Cultural Festival will be held at the outdoor music concert hall for 2 days from October 22 to 23 on Soyosan Mountain, which is famous for its autumn foliage. This year’s festival will offer more events such as various stage performances and experience-oriented events for citizens and tourists to have unforgettable memories in autumn.

People walking under the red and yellow sky made of autumn leaves

Program - Performances by invited performance troupes of art groups in the province, Joint art performances by citizens, government and military, Electronic violin performance, Masterpiece concert, General Eo Yu-so procession entrance and celebratory ceremony, General Eo Yu-so Contest (eligible for tourists)

Address: 406-33, Pyeonghwa-ro 2910beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

#9. Suwon Drone Festival (Oct. 28-29)

The “Suwon Drone Festival” is the largest event in Korea and the first such event in the world that intensively fosters drone technology, which is a rapidly-growing core industry of the 4th industrial revolution, as Suwon City’s specialty industry. The event will be held in several places in Ajou University (Athletic Field, Subsidiary Athletic Field, indoor gym, Teletubbies Hill, Yulgok Hall), and characteristic programs reflecting the features of each place will be held. Visitors will have an opportunity to experience drones through Drone demonstration, experience and training and the festival will revitalize related industries.

a big white drone is flying over a girl's head.

FPV mini drone racing competition in forest, Mini drone racing competition, Drone SW(software) fusion contest, Drone clash contest (Crash battle sports), Drone experience class with father, Family-unit drone production & flying competition, Drone control experience, Drone exhibition & training, Drone demonstration, performance, official event (opening ceremony, closing ceremony), seminar

Avenue: The Ajou University ground

Address: 206, World cup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here (Korean only)


#10. 2017 Goyang International Lake Cartoon Festival(Oct.21-22)

a cartoon theater on the cartoon character's colorful clothes is on the stage.

Goyang full of flowers and beautiful people holds “2017 Goyang International Lake Cartoon Festival” in autumn. Since 2014, this festival has tried to harmonize with surrounding people, organizations relatives to comics, education institutions, comic clubs for matching the diversity of the youth culture based on comics. This year, as well as, it set the exhibitions hall for youth artists and experience programs for travelers.

Avenue: Ilsan Lake Park

Address: Daesan-ro Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here (Korean only)